FTB Direwolf 20 1.18
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FTB Direwolf 20 1.18

Direwolf's modded legacy started all the way back in 2011. With 5 modpacks from the FTB Team, dedicated to creating a simple yet unique form of kitchen-sink modpacks.

This new iteration of Direwolf's modpack is packed with hand-selected mods from Direwolf20 himself, the FTB Team have worked hard in forging a kitchen-sink styled modded Minecraft experience that just about anyone can play.

Follow along with Direwolf on his YouTube series, learning with him as you venture out into new modded territory. Improve his designs as you build up more infrastructure and automate anything and everything. The world is yours, for you to do anything in.

Direwolf20 1.18 can be found exclusively on the new FTB App available at https://www.feed-the-beast.com/app

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