FTB Policies

Below you can find all of our policies that relate to our products, content, services and data protection. If you are unable what to find what you need please feel free to contact us so we can help further.

Data Protection

Our Data Protection policy outlines how we handle your data, who else might see your data and what guidance and laws we follow in order to use your data. We keep your data as 🔒(secure) as we can as all times!

Last updated 01/01/2022
Data Protection
Data Handling
Governing Laws
Contact information
Data Controllers

Data Retention

Here we outline how long we hold your personal data, what data we may hold and why we hold that data. Spoiler alert, we don't hold much personal data... 😁

Last updated 01/01/2022
Governing Laws
Roles and Responsibilities
Types of Data
Retention Periods
Special Circumstances

Privacy Notice

Our privacy notice outlines how FTB collects information, processes information and specifies what data we collect on various services.

Last updated 01/01/2022
Data Collection
Data Controllers
Types of Data
How data is collected
Use of data

Terms and Conditions

When using any Feed The Beast Ltd product you agree to follow our T&C's; In this document we set out what those are.

Last updated 01/01/2022
Our Rights
Your Rights
Our service
Possible changes

Forum Rules

When using our forums, we expect our users to follow our rules to help persevere and foster a friendly, fair and helpful community.

Last updated 01/01/2022
Minimum age
Prohibited uses
Content standards


Like many websites, we use 🍪(cookies), you can see what we're using cookies for here.

Last updated 01/01/2022
Activity Monitoring

Mod & Modpacks Terms and Conditions

Our Minecraft mods and modpacks fall under a different T&C's, you can read up on the differences here.

Last updated 01/01/2022
Proprietary Rights