FTB Inferno
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FTB Inferno

Dive into a world of fire and torment in FTB Inferno! This expert-style questing, exploration, and survival mod pack features custom dungeon and event systems, immersing you in a hellish dimension where you'll have to fight for your survival. You'll progress through nether and fire and blood in a race against time to save not only your life but the world itself. Train minions, gain power beyond imagination, bend dimensions to your will, and defeat monsters you never dreamed of.

With deeply nested progression paths and hundreds of custom enemies, FTB Inferno promises to provide hundreds of hours of binge-worthy play for you and your friends. The modpack includes an engaging lore-driven storyline, hundreds of quests, and customized boss fights. Explore custom dungeons like the Seven Deadly Sin dungeons and fight your way through Five major boss battles to reclaim your freedom.

This is the first FTB pack with native shader support, allowing you to enable the included shader or add one of your choosing for a completely new visual experience. Are you ready to face the inferno? Download FTB Inferno exclusively on the FTB App at https://www.feed-the-beast.com/app

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