FTB Launcher Community Update!
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FTB Launcher Community Update!

We're thrilled to introduce the new standalone version of the FTB App, available now on our website! Say goodbye to the need to instal Overwolf – this new version of the app is all you'll need to dive into the wonderful world of modded Minecraft for our packs or any packs available on CurseForge.

Here's what you can expect from the latest features:

🔍 Modpack Discovery: Browse through our extensive catalog of modpacks or explore the entire CurseForge collection with just a few clicks. Finding your next adventure has never been easier!

🛠️ Create Your Own Modpack: Unleash your creativity by crafting your very own modded Minecraft experience. With the FTB App, you can effortlessly create and share your custom modpacks with the world.

⚡ Lightning-Fast Modpack Downloads: Experience blazing-fast download speeds, giving you more time to play and less time waiting. You control the download speed, tailored to your internet connection.

🛠️ Support for NeoForge, Fabric, and Forge Modloaders: Whatever your preference, we've got you covered with full support for a range of modloaders.

🖥️ Advanced Server Installer: Set up your own modded Minecraft server in just a few clicks or with a quick command line for Linux enthusiasts. Hosting your own world has never been easier.

⏱️ Optimized Modpack Load Times: Enjoy faster load times thanks to our post-install mod, ensuring smooth gameplay even on slower machines.

🔧 Java Selection & Memory Configuration: Fine-tune your Minecraft experience with per-modpack control over Java version and custom RAM settings, ensuring optimal performance.

☁️ Cloud Saves: Sync your modpacks, world saves, and configs to the cloud with a MineTogether account, ensuring your progress is always safe and accessible from any device.

💼 MineTogether Support: Access exclusive features with a MineTogether subscription, including ad-free browsing and the ability to browse public servers and access private modpacks.

We've listened to community feedback about the reliance on the overwolf install as well as requests for entirely adfree options and our goal is to keep listening and improving the App. In the future, We aim to bring even more useful tools for players and developers, we're passionate about the modded Minecraft Community and love to make the experience better!

📦 Fully supported for Windows, MacOS, and Linux: Download the FTB App Here