FTB Plexiglass Mountain
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FTB Plexiglass Mountain

Plexiglass Mountain by FTB is a new Freeplay kitchen-sink modpack with an optional questing path. It is designed around the idea that progression and preferred mods from player to player may differ, therefore additional options are made available to enrich the diversity of the gameplay.

Player progression is tracked inside a new FTB guidebook using the advancement's system, you can access this directly in your player inventory.

Better loot all around, scaling mob difficulty, diversification of resource production methods, ample building blocks, and late-game creative item recipes are just a few of the highlights within this modpack.

Developer Note

In recent weeks we have gone through, for us, a fairly rapid expansion. We have brought back Saereth (dev of FTB Interactions) and Aaron Howser (dev of FTB Academy and University) on permanent contracts, as well as adding R3GEN onto a permanent contract. (R3GEN may be known to the regulars in the FTB support channel on our discord).

We have also brought on another one of our volunteers to take over from R3GEN to update our older modpacks and to help keep them up-to-date moving forward. In addition to this, we have found a high-quality artist and an exceptional builder. Working together, the new additions to the team will significantly change the way we develop and promote our packs moving forwards.

We have been testing out this new team structure over the last several weeks. We have developed a new kitchen sink experience, codenamed Plexiglass Mountain. We liked the name so much that we decided to keep it.

This pack is designed to showcase just some of the new features that we plan to add in 1.19 and onwards. You will also be able to see some of the artwork that our new artist has provided us on the main menu, and hidden in the landscape of the world you may find signs of the new builder we have taken on.

We hope that you enjoy playing through this modpack as much as we have during testing.

Modpack Release