Adventures in Minecraft Modding: Unearthing Glitches and Discovering Delights
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Adventures in Minecraft Modding: Unearthing Glitches and Discovering Delights

Hey there, FTB fans, Today, we're diving into our newest modpacks which we have released for both Forge and Fabric! They are designed to put Minecraft and its mods through their paces: say hello to FTB Unstable!

In MC 1.19, we attempted with FTB One to create a fast release, yet polished pack that we could continue to support. Sometimes reality has other plans, however, and we soon found forge versioning  and some core mods quickly moving on while others did not update. This led to quite a large period where we were unable to update FTB One until versions finally settled on 1.19.2 when FTB One 2.0 was released.

To make sure we all still get to enjoy the bleeding edge of development without limiting our objectives to stable and long-term support of mods that may or may not continue through versioning we are happy to announce we're bringing back our original unstable branded pack.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Why would anyone intentionally want to encounter bugs?" Well, my friends, the answer is simple. By diving into the depths of these cutting edge mod packs, we can unravel the tangled webs of bugs and glitches that may occur when you mix and match mods with the latest version of Minecraft.

These modpacks are like a playground for the curious minds among us, providing a platform to test the compatibility of different mods with the latest version of Minecraft. You get to experience the latest Minecraft has to offer, and we work out the bugs with updated mods, so we can continue to bring you the polished packs you know and love.

Keep in mind, though, that since these packs are designed to work out the kinks between Minecraft 1.20 and the mods you love, there won't be a whole lot of support given for these packs. Don't think that means you're flying solo, though, because help is always available on our Discord server!

So grab your tools, gather your friends, and hop on in. Happy Bug Hunting.

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