Tinkers' Construct


Tinkers' Construct has arrived on Bedrock! the official Add-on of the Java Mod. Create unique tools, weapons and blocks as you explore an all-new way to play. Become a master tinker and unleash the power of the forge. + Over 1500 unique weapons and tools. + New crafting benches and tables. + Smelting and forging. + Lots of new blocks and items. + Craftable Armour sets.

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Journey to a new world and let your imagination loose on an unfamiliar environment. With so many things to discover, the possibilities are nearly endless. Take a look at the world that’s waiting in Tinkers' Construct from FTB.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tinkers' Construct work with Minecraft Java Edition?

Although our version of Tinkers' Construct is based on an original Java Edition mod, sadly our Marketplace item is only available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You can find the original Java Edition mod on CurseForge.

How do I install Tinkers' Construct?

You can install Tinkers' Construct by visiting the Minecraft Marketplace and purchasing it there. Once you've purchased it, it will be available in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. You can also search for Tinkers' Construct in game and purchase it there.

Why is Tinkers' Construct not free?

Our Bedrock team put a lot of heart and soul into creating our Marketplace items. By purchasing Tinkers' Construct you are supporting the team that created it and helping us to continue to create more amazing content for you to enjoy.

I've found an issue with Tinkers' Construct, how do I report it?

If you've found an issue with Tinkers' Construct please reach out to us on our Discord server. We'll do our best to help you with any issues you're experiencing. We have Bedrock specific channels for you to ask questions and get support.

I can't see any items, they're invisible! Is the pack broken?

No, turn off all experiments as Marketplace content does not work with experimental features.

Why is everything pink and black? Is the pack broken?

No, you have too many add-ons attached. Try and reduce the amount of add-ons that you have activated and see if this resolves your issue.

Why can't I craft Cleavers or Swords?

You need the Tinkers Anvil to craft. See the manual in-game on how this Anvil works.

How does something work?

Please read the books. The books will guide you though the entire add-on and help you learn what you need to do.

Is this the same as the Java version?

No, it's very different due to bedrock limitations, but we've tried our best to keep the heart and soul of the original Java mod alive in our adaptation.

Do you have permission from the original Creator?

100% Yes, mDiyo fully approved this project.

Will you update this with bug fixes and new content?

Yes! 🎉