FTB StoneBlock 3 artwork

FTB StoneBlock 3

In a world surrounded by stone, build yourself a subterranean kingdom that really rocks! Use magic and technology to forge your realm to your designs.


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As always, backup your world before updating!


  • Recipe for AE2 Inscriber has been removed, as the recipes for AE2 Processors has been moved to SequencedAssembly and Deploying. Processor recipes will still work in Inscriber for the people there already has made one

Mods Updated:

  • AutoSmithingTable 1.18.2-1.2.2.jar
  • Avaritia-1.18.2- #1747 #1640
  • cccbridge-1.3.1-forge.jar #1758
  • chickensmod-1.18.2-1.0.26.jar #1643 #1746
  • collective-1.18.2-5.15.jar
  • ferritecore-4.2.2-forge.jar
  • FramedBlocks-5.9.1.jar
  • ftbbackups2-forge-1.18.2-1.0.16.jar
  • Mantle-1.18.2-1.9.31.jar
  • RoughlyEnoughItems-8.3.567.jar


  • Removed Bundle from quest rewards, as it crash with some modded items.
  • Tweak RS Processor recipes. #1748
  • Added Onions to work in Botany Pots. #1722
  • Fixed gears having wrong cost in Tinkers. #1721
  • Fixed CobbleGen cost. #1720
  • Added IE and Mekanism recipes for Ender Dust. #1726
  • Rockwool moved to Induction Smelter. #1695
  • Changed loot table for stone, to fix pebbles dropping when machines breaks stone. #1711
  • Blacklisted Create from Watch of flowing time. #1714
  • Added Create emptying recipe for Chickens Lava & Water Egg. #1717
  • Fixed subtitle on Pipez upgrade quest. #1699
  • Added recipe for Neutronium Block to Ingots. #1742
  • Fixed Thermo Generator quest description. #1697
  • Fixed Integral Components quest misspelling. #1701
  • Fixed Dripper using wrong Creosote Oil in its recipes. #1688