FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.20 Artwork

FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.20

Join Direwolf20 for an immersive Minecraft journey in the all-new 1.20 version of the FTB and Direwolf20 collaboration!

Latest version

Introducing the highly anticipated 1.20 version of the FTB and Direwolf collaborative masterpiece!

Since 2011, FTB and Direwolf20 have been crafting exceptional kitchen-sink-style modpacks suitable for all levels of expertise. Now, in 1.20, the experience is elevated to new heights!

Join Direwolf, and follow along with his adventure, or gather your comrades and forge your own unique path. With a handpicked selection of mods, this pack offers something for everyone.

Craft, build, and automate to your heart's content, and witness your creations come to life. Join Direwolf in his latest YouTube series, and learn alongside him as you delve into uncharted modded territory. The possibilities are boundless - seize them in this extraordinary Minecraft journey!

Notable mods

Show off your fancy pipework (or hide it) with Ender IO

Take to the skies with The Aether

All aboard! Railcraft Reborn is here to help you make some serious tracks!

Take a break from it all and visit the beautiful vistas of Tropicraft

Welcome back the tech mod XyCraft after nearly a decade-long hiatus!

If trains and pipes are too mainstream for you, why not try Antsportation

You can even use Productive Bees to create resources for you.

Build a mechanical masterpiece with Mekanism

Or turn to the dark arts with Blood Magic


Featuring a play-along with Direwolf20 on his YouTube channel! Relax and watch a laid-back let’s play, play along, or grab your friends and do your own thing.

While you do, check out some of Minecraft’s new features; Release your inner Indiana Jones with Archaeology!

You can now customize your armor with Armor Trims and Customization.

And check out the new Cherry Blossom Biome!

So download the pack, and choose how you want to explore Direwolf 1.20 today!

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