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Suspended in a corrupt simulation, your people need you to restore Elyria's habitat free them from the decaying digital landscape. Mutated monsters and irradiated wastelands stand between you and the fate of a world on the precipice of extinction.

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Welcome to the fractured remnants of Elyria, a world once teeming with life and promise, now scarred by the echoes of a cataclysmic past. This is where you come in; The Architect, chosen by a council of digital souls within the Nexa Network to bridge the gap between the decaying physical realm and the boundless, corrupted expanse of the digital frontier.

As The Architect, your mission is clear: survey the desolation, unravel the mysteries of the Nexa Network, and breathe life back into Elyria. Armed with the remnants of advanced technology and bolstered by the collective knowledge of your digital civilization, you'll navigate a world transformed beyond recognition.

The skies, once vibrant, now hang heavy with shadows, and the once-pristine oceans have been tainted by the scars of war. The land itself pulses with a strange, eerie energy, as if the very soul of Elyria lingers, wounded yet resilient.

Within the Nexa Network, time dances to a different rhythm, stretching eons across digital horizons. Yet, amidst the vastness, corruption festers, spawning twisted digital entities that haunt the trapped souls. It falls upon you, The Architect, to confront this malevolent force and rekindle hope.

Your journey will not be solitary. The voices of your civilization within Nexa stand by your side, offering support and guidance when the world's challenges seem insurmountable. Together, you'll forge a path toward restoration, seeking to mend the fractured world and resurrect the forgotten paradise of Elyria.

Step through the portal and embrace your role as The Architect. The fate of Elyria rests in your hands. It's time to reclaim what was lost, breathe life into the desolation, and unveil the genesis of a new era.

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Your mission is to rebuild your civilization based on lost technology scattered throughout the wasteland and within your civilization's archive. Along the way, you’ll fight mutated and corrupted monsters in the ruins of Elyria’s once-great cities.

Life can’t survive in this place. You’ll need to breed crops, splice genes, and genetically engineer life suited to restore life to this ruined wasteland.

Use advanced technologies, esoteric energy forms, and simulated realities to find a way to save a planet on the precipice of extinction.

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Ruined City

Only you can save the people of Elyria. Are you ready?

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A Note to server owners: the world seed MUST be FTBGenesis.

The default server configs should contain this but some hosts may override this so please verify that is set correctly before launching your server.

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