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FTB Builders Paradise 2

Continuing its tradition, Builder's Paradise 2 stands in stark contrast to the technologically focused, goal-oriented skyblock packs of recent times. FTB proudly presents a pack that cherishes the beauty, freedom, and grandeur of modded Minecraft.

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Introducing Builders Paradise 2, a sequel that embraces the heart of modded Minecraft with a focus on creativity and aesthetic excellence. Departing from the progression-heavy norm, this pack celebrates the artistry of building in a familiar overworld setting (or some of the new and old favorites), enriched with a vast array of mods designed to inspire and delight.

Builders Paradise 2 boasts an impressive selection of building mods, including Fairy Lights, Little Tiles, and Architect's Chisel & Pallet, transforming ordinary blocks into stunning works of art. Coupled with essential tech and magic mods like Refined Storage, Thermal Expansion, Create & EnderIO, players can seamlessly integrate form and function into their creations.

The inclusion of ProjectEX introduces EMC (Energy-Matter Covalence), streamlining resource management and eliminating the need for tedious gathering. With its unique and innovative system of material acquisition, players can focus on unleashing their creativity without the constraints of scarcity.

Tools like Building Gadgets, Wands, Chipped, Chisel & Bits as well as Little Tiles empower players to craft intricate structures with precision and ease, while Productive Bees, Ars Nouveau, Immersive Engineering, and Farmer's Delight add depth and variety to gameplay.

Builders Paradise 2 invites players to journey on a path of exploration and innovation, where the only limit is their imagination. Whether you're a seasoned builder, new to the craft, or just want to explore the sandbox nature beauty of modded Minecraft there's something for everyone in this vibrant and dynamic world. Welcome to Builders Paradise 2, where creativity knows no bounds.

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