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FTB NeoTech

A curated modpack for ambitious Technology players. Dive into Modern Industrialization, AE2, Immersive Engineering, Actually Additions, JustDireThings & Mekanism. Automate tasks, master resource production with Quarries, Chickens 2 and Equivalent Exchange

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Step into a world where technology reigns supreme with FTB Neotech, a meticulously curated modpack designed for ambitious Minecraft players. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer, resourceful adventurer, or creative builder, FTB Neotech promises to bring countless hours of modded entertainment.

Unleash the Power of Technology

Dive into the realm of modern machinery with mods like Modern Industrialization, Applied Energistics, and Mekanism. Automate tasks, build complex systems, and harness cutting-edge technology. Master tree farms and carve your own mine shafts with Steve’s Carts while Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, Actually Additions, and PneumaticCraft provide diverse mechanics and machinery to innovate all new contraptions.

Resource Management and Sustainability

Breed specialized chickens with the newly balanced and rewritten Chickens 2 Mod to automate resource production, and master advanced matter conversions with Equivalent Exchange. Enjoy the charming aesthetic of Immersive Engineering with its visually stunning and functional engineering solutions to further enhance your world.

Immersive Exploration

Discover expansive, hand-crafted worlds with Terralith and Tectonic, featuring many custom noise and worldgen tweaks that bring breathtaking biomes, hidden treasures, and challenging dungeons. The meticulously designed world generation ensures a dynamic and immersive landscape, perfect for exploration and adventure.

Curated Challenges and Balanced Progression

Focus on Technological Progression and Recipe Balancing ensures a challenging yet rewarding adventure. Each mod is carefully integrated to provide a seamless experience, where progression feels natural and engaging.

Dynamic Multiplayer Experience

FTB Neotech isn’t just a solo adventure. Gather your friends and collaborate to build sprawling industrial complexes, tackle formidable dungeons, and explore vast landscapes together. The balanced progression system ensures engaging and competitive multiplayer gameplay. Share quest progression and TeamEMC built in!

Download FTB Neotech today on the FTB App and experience a journey of technological mastery and boundless exploration. Your adventure awaits!

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