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Our fastest ever produced modpack, unique jigsaw-based world gen, from dungeons to hidden ore clusters. All on a new era of Minecraft, 1.19.

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About the pack

We have a full-time team working on FTB One, dedicated to fixing bugs, tweaking mods, and making this modpack a stable, fun, modded 1.19 experience. We have the mindset of not removing world-generation mods unless they break everything. So there shouldn’t be any need to re-create a world.

With FTB One, we’re doing something different, we’re evolving this pack as people play, adding mods, tweaking, and fixing. While you, the player, play the pack within your world. This is something we have never done before, and we’d like your feedback and help in reporting any bugs you find!

With the release of 1.19, this is the fastest modpack we’ve pushed out, all hands on deck. Dedicated to making FTB One a kitchen-sink modpack for 1.19 featuring mods you know and love, with new mods too, ready to strive on this new version, this new era of Minecraft.

Key mods featured within this modpack are:

FTB Industrial Contraptions! Our IC2-inspired mod with many similarities, tweaks and differences. Along with a powerful laser quarry!

CreeperHost Presents Soul Shards: Capture the souls of mobs, shove them into cages and harvest more…MORE!

Creeperhost Presents Chickens: Flint chickens, skeleton chickens, diamond chickens and more! Crossbreed chickens, upgrade them into your pooping golden goose chicken!

Super Factory Manager: A whole new UI-based scripting language in Minecraft, designed to help with automation and more.

Tempad: A unique, Loki-inspired mod based on the Tempad from the Disney show Loki. With the ability to place a temporary portal to any visited location you desire, you can walk through the portal in style.

As for the world generation, we’ve kept it vanilla. However, with the addition of some hand-built jigsaw-based structures, the world will be scattered with new buildings, from dungeons to ruins, houses to villages. (Currently, only houses are implemented) This will truly be a unique experience for anyone who plays.

Are you ready for 1.19, are you ready to play FTB One? Join us now on the FTB App: https://go.ftb.team/app

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