🔧 Changed

  • Improved logging around authentication to better help debug issues

  • Added retry attempts to login which should help with some login issues

  • Updated internal DNS fallback ip to our new one (Our DNS is always the last to be used. Your own, then Cloudflare, Google and finally ours)

🐞 Fixed

  • Spelling of socks5 on the proxy settings page


🎉 Added

  • NeoForge support 👀

🐞 Fixed

  • Proxy settings not working correctly when set to socks5

  • Artwork urls not working when a space is present in the url


🐞 Fixed

  • Made the admin warning on Overwolf a passive warning that will not show after opting to continue running the app in admin mode. We do not recommend ever running the FTB App on any simple in admin mode!


🎉 Added

  • A check on Windows / Overwolf to ensure the app is not being run as admin. This prevents incorrect file permissions being set on essential files

🔧 Changed

  • Greatly improved the loading speed of the app startup. We plan on a lot more of these improvements, but this one alone has seen up to 3 times quicker startup times.

  • Improved logging on Electron versions of the app

  • Expanded the internal app log uploader to include more logs and more detailed information. This should reduce the reliance on our external debugger tool.

🐞 Fixed

  • A long-standing issues causing MineTogether Logins to continually get logged out.

  • Added a way to ensure the subprocess is already closed before attempting to start a new one. This only effects Overwolf, but should prevent the app sometimes having connection issues.

  • Hopefully fixed the news page not loading on Overwolf...

  • Rare installation issues caused by corrupted .etag files.


🎉 Added

  • We've updated the font to something a little more modern and readable. It might take a little getting used to, but we think you'll like it.

  • You can now set the name of the instance before installing it! 🎉

  • The launch page is now more readable when using light mode.

  • The launch page now has an 'instance actions' modal that can be opened with the button next to 'kill instance'. This gives you access to the instance folders whilst the pack is running. A side note here is that we do plan to allow you to use the app whilst a pack is running, but there is a lot more work involved to get us to that point.

🔧 Changed

  • The instance version modal has seen a bit of a facelift. It's now a little more compact and easier to read.

  • You can now double-click the title bar to expand the window and restore it to its previous size. This should be more inline with native applications.

🐞 Fixed

  • Modals now know about the ad sidebar and will offset themselves accordingly. If you pay for MineTogether and your ads are disabled, you won't see this change.

  • A bunch of issues with the selection input not working properly.

  • Some visual inconsistencies with input fields and labels

  • More authentication issues with sessions timing out at weird times. We're still working on this one... It seems there is always something new to fix here.


🎉 Added

  • Added support for the Quilt modloader. No... We have no packs planned for quilt right now but this improves our support for CurseForge modpacks

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed instance backups attempting to save on install when the instance file does not exist

  • Prevented long standing error from showing in the app when starting a pack. This error was caused by Minecraft Telemetry

  • Hopefully fixed most of the issues related to asset validation

  • Resolved issues with the instance.json corrupting and failing to load. We now store a backup (.bak) file to fallback onto if for what ever reason the original fails to be read

  • Prevented non-directory's from being read as instances if they're within the instances folder

  • Improved instance deletion stability


🎉 Added

  • Added support for the Quilt modloader. No... We have no packs planned for quilt right now but this improves our support for CurseForge modpacks

🐞 Fixed

  • Prevented long standing error from showing in the app when starting a pack. This error was caused by Minecraft Telemetry

  • Hopefully fixed most of the issues related to asset validation

  • Resolved issues with the instance.json corrupting and failing to load. We now store a backup (.bak) file to fallback onto if for what ever reason the original fails to be read

  • Prevented non-directory's from being read as instances if they're within the instances folder

  • Improved instance deletion stability


🎉 Added

  • Small improvement to the log screen when starting a pack, it's now got pretty colours! 🌈 it's much easier to see errors, warning and normal information on each line.

🔧 Changed

  • We no longer rerun the forge installer if nothing has changed on an update of the modpack. This means quicker updates :D

🐞 Fixed

  • Completely rewrote the authentication system for Microsoft Logins. This comes with a bunch of things but the main ones being:

    • Much better feedback to the user on why a login failed. All known issues now have documentation and solutions written up and presented to you in a readable way.
    • Proper redirects to re-login if we're no longer able to refresh your account details... This normally happens when your Microsoft account changes in 'some' way.
    • Improved loading UI
    • We now show a link you can copy instead of a button you can click when links aren't opening browsers properly... that't was a bit of a 🤦‍♀️ moment...
    • No more 'Login failed' but not providing a reason.
  • Small spelling error on the install modal. Thanks @FredeEB (#896)


🔧 Changed

  • Updated the Java Version used for the App's subprocess to a newer version to resolve a rare windows fatal error when starting the app


🔧 Changed

  • Updated some log messages for better debugging of authentication issues

🐞 Fixed

  • An issue causing crashes to not be caught properly by our subprocess

  • Duplicate instances causing load issues


🎉 Added

  • A new news page layout to improve the visibility of information

  • Improved login flow for the Overwolf version of the app

  • A greatly improved fallback system for DNS over HTTPS, this is intended to improve overall connectivity to the FTB services regardless of the type of network setup you have on your router or on your pc

🔧 Changed

  • Settings resolution now used a new layout, which should improve usability

  • The entire system behind how instances are handled has had a complete rewrite, meaning the instances should be much more consistent and less error-prone

🐞 Fixed

  • An issue causing the Changelog not to show on a slow start of the app

  • Issues with the proxy settings not applying correctly

🗑 Removed

  • A bunch of dead and unused code which should make the overall app a bit smaller


🎉 Added

  • A brand new support section to the app. This section is just the start of the support system we want to integrate into the app but it's a great move forwards!

  • An order server button that'll take you right the CreeperHost website with recommendations for the best server to get for the modpack you selected.

  • We now, by default, use CloudFlares DNS when making network requests. This means, if there is an issue with your DNS / Network, it hopefully won't affect your experience.

  • Improved the memory performance of our user agent (sub process). You should see less RAM usage.

  • Updated the App icons for Mac & Linux!

  • The ability to show sponsor spots on the app.

🔧 Changed

  • Performance improvements on the Modpacks API which should speed up the app overall.

  • Updated the login with Microsoft screen to show the login URL in-case the browser doesn't open.

  • Upon failing to download an asset during the validating assets step of a modpack starting, we will now fall back onto HTTP1 and retry. This should really help with assets causing the game to fail to start.

  • Modified the forge installer to use our fallback systems when a network request fails. This should help a lot with forge install issues.

🐞 Fixed

  • A major issue with our inner communication system between the frontend (The bit you're seeing) and our user agent (The thing that you can't see). This should resolve a lot of instability and random errors.

  • A rare issue causing install issues with CurseForge packs due to odd pack names.

  • Properly handle rare instances when a specific version file is missing in the instance. (causes install / update / play issues)

  • Using the socks variant of the proxy settings

  • Modals sometimes causing issues with the right side of the app

  • The app installer on Linux! Thanks to everyone #536 that helped test and debug the issue.

🗑 Removed

  • The support topics on the right side of the app in preference for the support tab on the left.


🎉 Added

  • A new proxy option in settings that provides the ability to configure http and sock4 proxies.

  • Offline mode! As long as you've logged into a Minecraft at least once on the app, you will now see a play offline button in the 3 dots menu. If for some reason you can not connect to the Minecraft servers, you will also be present this as an option.

  • A new warning before updating to an 'unstable' version. What this means is if you try and update to a 'alpha' or 'beta' version of the pack. A warning will pop up and let you know what's changed and give you the ability to back out from the update.

  • A warning for archived versions. When a pack version get moved into archived (Meaning it's broken!), you will no longer be able to download this version and if your pack is already on this version, the app will recommend a way to move off of the unstable / broken version.

🔧 Changed

  • The login window now forgets the last session, so the same account doesn't get saved after logging in.

  • Improved the error flow when issues happen with Minecraft accounts.

  • We now fall back onto our own proxy when a download fails to resolve due to a networking issue.

  • Added more verbose SSL logging for an instance that a pack fails to download due to SSL issues.

  • Added a close icon to the version's modal.

🐞 Fixed

  • A common error causing Minecraft instances to load almost all the way, then fail to finish loading.

  • Packs without artwork would crash the installation process...

  • Private packs not being able to be installed due to the app not thinking it's private...

  • A rare issue that causes instances not to show when the app starts

🗑 Removed

  • Logging of potentially sensitive information (to your local machine)


🔧 Changed

  • Added the packs version number to the startup screen.

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed legacy instances not knowing how to download assets due to Microsoft taking a service offline.

  • Extended logging for download failures to help debug possible issues.

  • Fixed rare install error not being reported causing an instance to error incorrectly

  • Fixed missing logs with authentication masking true reasons to why an user failed to login.

  • Prevent fatal errors when file can't be read for it's file size. (instance validation)


🎉 Added

  • FTB Backups 2 integration! You can now delete and restore your world backups from within the app. Upon a restore attempt, your entire instance will be backed up just in case anything goes wrong... if it does, we'll put everything back the way it was before and let you know something went wrong!

  • A completely rewritten pack searching page. Although it looks the same, all the code behind it has been rewritten to make it faster, more reliable, and hopefully produce accurate results.

  • Pack actions that bring a new 3 dots button next to the play button on the pack page. This gives you access to open some essential folders quickly and the ability to delete, duplicate and share the modpack.

  • Added total playtime to your instance pages.

🐞 Fixed

  • Hopefully finally resolved the issue with modpack installs getting stuck on 'Processing 0.00%'!

  • Search showing a 'Type error'

  • Search not showing accurate results

  • Pack pages showing a blank page in rare cases

🔧 Changed

  • Extended the width of the pack install modal

  • Tidied up some metadata around the instance page.


🎉 Added

  • You can now manually browse your computer to find the correct JRE / Java install that you'd like to use for pack / instance #467

🐞 Fixed

  • A rare chance of a pack / instance duplicating upon a pack update. #599

  • Fixed a rather annoying issue causing the app to think the Minecraft profiles file to be empty causing authentication issues

  • CurseForge packs with a : in their name not installing correctly. #558, #538

  • Java selection being ignored upon pack startup causing Minecraft to start with the embedded version of Java regardless #535

  • Java selection not working as expected on the pack / instance settings page

  • Odd issues around moving your instance folder, it should be more reliable now... #458

  • Fixed settings always showing as 'saved succesfully' when the save fails...

  • Fixed searching for mods yeilding no results. #621

🔧 Changed

  • Removed the plays counter from any CurseForge pack as it was always 0

  • Added released, updated and version release dates to their respective areas. #263

  • Added better feedback for when the Microsoft authentication server is having trouble #606

  • Expanded the size of the 'Install' modal for pack installs and updates so you can see the full name of a pack version #578

  • Added some better feedback around various errors


🎉 Added

  • A new fancy update screen! 👋

🐞 Fixed

  • An issue that would cause mods to install incorrect dependencies

  • Hopefully resolved an issue causing users authentication data to become corrupted

  • The CreeperHost button in the bottom left not working... 😢


🎉 Added

  • A cleaned up crash screen for when a instance (Minecraft) crashes. You can now see what caused the crash and that is has crashed.

🔧 Changed

  • Improved some of the downloading / installing pack logic to prevent some annoying issues

  • We're no longer putting the Mincecraft logs into our app logs which should help our support team help you


🎉 Added

  • A better responsive feel to the app throughout. We've cleaned up a lot of the apps layout when the screen gets a bit too small. You shouldn't see anymore awkward button overlaps anymore 👀

  • Show a much better error message when sign-in fails

  • Added back Mojang login for any country that can't yet migrate their account

  • Show a warning on each update modal that tells you to backup your world before updating!

🔧 Changed

  • Added better logging for when an authentication request fails to better help us debug your issue

🐞 Fixed

  • Odd java options being passed from external sources causing RAM to be capped at under 1G...

  • Forge installer issues on 1.18.x versions of the game for Curse packs

  • Improved timeouts on network requests to allow for slower connections.

  • An issue causing 1.6 and other older Minecraft versions not working in online mode

🗑 Removed

  • Removed the option to 'Load in game' instead of in the app

  • Minecraft logging in the main logs...


🎉 Added

  • A fancy new login modal! You can sign in with your Minecraft account or your Microsoft account. We recommend migrating and using your Microsoft account

  • A new pack starting screen that shows you the current progress of the pack starting and the packs logs.

🔧 Changed

  • We no longer use the Minecraft Launcher. This means you'll no longer see the Minecraft Launcher after you press play on a modpack.

  • Improved the pack verification system to try and ensure a pack has not been currupted or broken upon install.

  • Expanded our install solution making pack installs more consistent

  • Minor load time improvements by bundling the our font with the app

  • An improved popup to show what has gone wrong whilst starting a pack

🐞 Fixed

  • Fix an issue causing older forge installers to not install forge properly

  • The sidebar not always disabling properly when a pack is installing or being played

  • Fixed the 'Last played' text on pack pages to show when you last played the pack

  • The mods list not showing on non-installed packs


🎉 Added

  • Search field to the packs Mod List, you can now search for mods to see if a mod is installed in your modpack #268

  • Added back the MineTogether chat support to the app, if you have the MineTogether integration setup (in settings) you will now be able to chat with your friends on MineTogether, add friends, and handle Friend requests

  • We're expecting this to a bit buggy whilst we work out all the details but it's working right now so we thought we'd enable it again.

  • The "Install pack" page now uses the same layout / design as the "Instance" page with minor differences

🔧 Changed

  • Sorted Mod List of packs alphabetically

  • When viewing the "Install pack" page, you can now see a list of the mods that a Modpack includes

  • More clean up the apps design

  • Moved "Find more mods" out of the tabs area into the mods list area

  • Cleaned up spacing and minor UX issues around the place

  • Cleaned up the design for the modal that pops up when you install a modpack

  • Cleaned up the size issues with modals (pop ups)

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue causing the "Search for more mods" page to show duplicate results

  • Ads not always showing for all users This can also be down to how Overwolf ads work and thus you made still not have an Ad show but the underlaying bug should have been resolved :D

  • Fixed a really annoying bug where a pack install progress would instantly complete...

  • Fixed Cursepacks not installing depending on which page you clicked install on... Whoops


🎉 Added

  • A new and updated style to most areas of the App, it's not completely new but it should feel a bit more polished and clean.

  • A progress bar to the apps loading. It's only visual but it shows that something is happening

  • All new pack cards (instance cards) that cleans up the design and makes it simpler to understand

  • A replacement report screen that links to our support website until we've fixed our old report screen and made it less... bad?

  • A Titlebar! It's nice, will we keep it? who knows, I like it though, dont you?

  • Another sidebar (this time on the right!) to show helpful links and an ad... to support FTB 🎉

  • Redesigned the pack pages to be a little less... hmmm... jank, enjoy!

  • Redesigned the Settings page, this is a big one as it puts everything in clear categories and gives a proper description of each option!

  • The ability to add CurseForge mods on the Modpack Page's Mods tab. Simply click get more mods and you'll be able to search for any mod that is for your Modpacks Minecraft Version and Mod loader version (Yes, fabric is supported too).

🔧 Changed

  • App layout code, watch out for anything that looks a bit funky... :D

  • Changed the original navigation sidebar to be all skinny, we're only showing icons right now but we plan on allowing users to expand the navigation sidebar back it's original looks in the future.

  • Expanded the apps default layout sizes to 1440x800. It gives the app some more room and lets the new cards have even more room!

  • App Licenses in settings is now a much simpler layout and scrolls both lists instead of showing one huge scrollable list!

  • Added curseforge and FTB logos to switch between searching for packs on FTB and CurseForge

  • Lots of minor design changes to make the app seem less... beta like

  • Made it much more clear when a Modpack is in Beta / Alpha versions

  • Removed the Login button on the left of the app, you can now log into MineTogether by using the Settings page under "Integrations"

  • Instance / Modpack page: Open Folder and Delete pack buttons have been moved to settings

  • Modpack server files are now on the website, you can still find the links to the server files on the App under the versions button on any Modpack Page.

🐞 Fixed

  • The Minetogether avatar looking like an egg...

  • Report screen (shown when the app fails to load) has been disabled as it didn't work...

  • A butt load of minor layout and functionality issues..., just too many to list

🗑 Removed

  • We've removed the Minetogether friends list and chat functionality until we can make it work in a more intergrated way. As it stood, it felt like a last thought. You can still use Minetogether in the App! :D

  • Featured servers have been removed from the homepage.